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Feb 25, 2019

Canadian herbalist Marie White dives into what it means to be an herbalist today, why adaptogens are trending, and what that means for bridging rich herbal traditions, the sustainability of wild harvesting, and the way we practice as herbalists.

Topics covered: adaptogens, cordyceps, goldenseal, Devil's Club, indigenous herbalism, overharvesting, climate change, the new herbalism

Recording credit: Robert Majewski 

Music credit (with permission): El Búho, Rumba Juankita (History of Colour edit)

Marie White is a Canadian herbalist and educator. Her work has appeared in print and online and she has collaborated with alive magazine, St. Francis Herb Farm, and the CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association), among many others. Marie studied herbalism at L'Herbothèque in Québec as well as with herbal practitioners on Vancouver Island, BC. She is currently School Manager at Wild Rose College of Natural Healing.

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