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Apr 3, 2019

Today’s episode features the one and only Maria Noel Groves! Listen in as she covers lots of ground, she talks about many herbs from her new book, Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies. This episode was a keynote she gave at the 2019 NHMGAA Spring Symposium.

Get a signed copy of Maria’s new book, Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies (plus an astonishing amount of bonus goodies)

Bonus access will be emailed to you automatically on all orders placed through Maria (not on Amazon, etc.) before April 30.

Bonus e-Books contain...

  1. In-Depth Book Overview Including Easy Reference Lists of Recipes & Plants Covered

  2. Quick Guide to Medicinal Uses of Common Culinary Herbs

  3. Additional Plant Profiles of Alder, Aloe, Evergreens, Magnolia, New England Aster, Peach, Witch Hazel

  4. "Bonus Chapter" on Medicinal Mushrooms including Growing, Wildcrafting, Processing, Recipes, and Profiles on Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tails, Chaga, and Maitake

  5. Huge Chart Overview of Growing Needs and Habits of ALL the Plants Covered in the Book and Bonus e-Book

Four Special Remedy Making Videos Featuring Recipes from the Book!

  1. From the Tummy Soothing Garden ~ Tea: Gut Healing Tummy Tea Take 1, Marshmallow Overnight Cold Infusion (with some amazingly tasty additions!)

  2. From the Brain Boosting Garden ~ Tincture & Teas: Rosemary Fresh Plant Tincture, Fresh Rosemary-Lemon Tea, Minty Memory Tea

  3. From the Immune SOS Garden ~ Elderberry Syrup & Oxymel: Darcey Blue's Amazing Elderberry Syrup, Alcohol-Free Elder-Rosehip Oxymel

  4. Also from the Brain Boosting Garden ~ Powders & Bonbons: How to Powder Your Own Herbs, Brainiac Bonbons (honey-nut butter-herb balls)

Special Seed Coupon from Strictly Medicinal Seeds

  1. $5 off your seed order of $50 or more - AMAZING selection! Expires April 30.

10% off One of Maria's Online Herbal Study Course Series

  1. Applicable for the full Home Herbalist Series OR the Beyond the Home  Herbalist Series Expires April 30.



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