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Apr 11, 2018

Join Dan de Lion of Return to Nature ( for a workshop covering the various aspects to know about Lyme and tick borne issues. The class will range from practicing body awareness while out in the field, food and herbal prevention of Lyme and co-infections, herbal protocols for addressing the symptoms and the bodily systems effected, and the deeper ecological relevance to what ticks and Lyme disease bring to the necessary awareness of our communities.

If you have gone outside in the Northeast, ticks have probably become part of your life. This workshop will help reveal myths about diagnosis and bites, as well as explore remedies which are relevant to certain functions of the organ system related to working with Lyme.

This class was recorded at the Indiana Herbal Center in Bloomington, IN. 

Dan De Lion is a forager, herbalist, and teacher dedicated to working with Nature to facilitate the reunion of the people with our planetary purpose. Dan teaches through Return to Nature providing classes in foraging and herbalism, making homemade remedies, fermentation and kombucha, and primitive and survival skills. He also makes herbal products, gives herbal consultations, runs mentorship programs, and teaches custom group herbalism classes. Dan's website is and he can be contacted at