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Dec 22, 2020

In today’s episode, Nicole Telkes shares with us details about her new online learning platform. Her program looks amazing. If you’re looking to take your herbal knowledge and skills to the next level, I assure you, Nicole knows her stuff!

Herbalist Nicole Telkes of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine is offering this amazing course bundle geared towards budding herbalists. This deep dive into herbalism offers an authoritative, practical, and empowering learning experience.

In this course you'll get access to a variety of educational videos, assignments, live office hours, and plenty of unique ways to learn about holistic, socially and environmentally responsible herbalism. It also comes with a bonus Materia Medica course that covers over 90 different herbs!


Meet Nicole | A Quick Intro

She believes strongly in herbal medicine being “the people’s medicine” and enlists her students and any interested parties in fulfilling her goal of putting “an herbalist in every home.” As a deep ecologist, she focuses on “weedcrafting” bioregional native and naturalized medicinal plants in herb practice. She has a great passion for the green path and education.

Learn more about Nicole

A Recent Testimonial

"I feel like I should tell you that you + your school have literally changed my entire life. I worked in the restaurant industry until COVID, and 7 months into my furlough, I found Plant Spirit Healing by Pam Montgomery on my shelf (it was one of those books that I had bought and just never read). By the third chapter, I had begun researching herbalism, and after an overwhelming amount of information + options, the universe aligned me with your school. I enrolled, and a month later I officially quit my restaurant job, and last week I started working on a small farm in Bellville, where my focus will be the herb garden + greenhouse. I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge and time that you’ve put into your courses, and just your life’s work in general. Everything that has happened in my life since discovering herbalism + you + your school feels like it’s been divinely guided. So, thank you thank you thank you. You are the coolest, and I am forever grateful."