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Oct 26, 2022

The Herbal Business Program brought to you by CommonWealth Holistic Herbalism


Dreaming of launching an Herbal Business? Join the Herbal Business Program!

This course has it all: GMP, marketing, taxes, insurance, even building your website and getting comfortable with the tech you'll need to run your business…

They literally break down every single task you need to do for every single aspect of your business, and then provide very specific instructions about exactly how to do it, with videos, pictures, worksheets, reference guides, and more!

Plus - you get lifetime access so it doesn't matter how fast or slow you go. Move at the pace that's right for you!

And you can ask questions lots of ways: including live and in person twice a week, every week, if you like! You can also send questions in writing (they reply in 24 hours or less!), and there's a whole community of support too, so you can get lots of opinions!

You don't have to have any previous business experience, all you need is your herbal skills and a good idea. You'll do the rest together!


Thanks for listening!