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Apr 9, 2022

The School for Aromatic Studies is hosting an epic retreat from May 19 - 23, 2022 in Stuart, VA.


Aromatic Distillation retreat

Join Jade Shutes at Yarrow Mountain Farm in Stuart, VA for a 3-day hands-on exploration of the ancient alchemical art of aromatic distillation. You will not only learn about the aromatic distillation process but also take a deep-dive into the role aromatic plants and aromatic distillation have in cultivating our relationship with the five elements & nature and as a journey of self-reflection and transformation.

Through the use of Goethean/Contemplative plant study, you will be guided in cultivating a new relationship with aromatic plants.

Why attend this aromatic distillation retreat?

Our 3-day distillation retreats will be an opportunity of exploring the traditional method of extracting the aromatic hydrosols and essential oils while embarking on an alchemical journey and experience.

May: Special Guest Distiller

Our May Aromatic Distillation Retreat will include a very special guest: Heidi Nielsen! Heidi will be coming for a visit and will co-teach our May distillation retreat. She is a distiller of rose and other aromatics native to Vancouver, Canada.