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Oct 27, 2021

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What’s the secret to using herbs in a holistic way that equally heals and rejuvenates the body AND assists in the evolution of the soul?

Well that’s what the entire tradition of Alchemy is all about.

Like Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine, the Western Alchemical tradition is a complete system of medicine that works with plants to cure diseases of the body, spirit and soul.


While not too many people know much about Alchemy these days, one of the top experts on the subject is my friend Sajah Popham, who’s been practicing both herbal alchemy and clinical herbalism for over 10 years. 

And he’s distilled everything he knows about this powerful practice in his online course, Alchemical Herbalism, which is now open for enrollment!

This is one of the most comprehensive herbal trainings out there, as it integrates clinical herbalism, alchemy and spagyrics, medical astrology, Ayurveda, and western herbalism into a powerful system.

Alchemical Herbalism comes with over 140 hours of training, over 200 pages of downloadable PDF handouts, and lifetime access. 

Be sure to check it out while you can, enrollment is only open for a week!