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Nov 9, 2021

In today’s episode we’ll hear from Amanda Crooke from Locust Light Farm.

She chats about her upcoming online class, Herbs For Grieving.

In this class, you will explore herbal medicine and plant allies that offer support through the grieving process.

You will learn a wide range of preparations, from teas to baths to facial sprays, as well as a whole basketful of recipes. You’ll learn how to use dried herbs, tinctures, flower essences, and oils to create a full array of support. You’ll learn which herbs to have on hand so that, when grief comes, you have plant allies already in your cabinet.


You will learn:

herbs for emotional & spiritual support

herbs to physically support the body during grieving

a variety of herbal preparations — because not everyone drinks herbal tea or will take a tincture


You will get:

an “Herbs for Grieving” recipe book

a list of what items to keep in your apothecary

a handout of everything we discuss in class

a bonus list of advice for writing or speaking to someone who’s experienced a loss (i.e. what to write in the card)

And much more!