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Dec 27, 2021

Plant Spirit Apprenticeship - Winter/Spring 2022

"A Council of the Forest Guardians"


The Winter/Spring 2022 Apprenticeship will be centered on forests. Who are the forest guardians? What might we learn about forest dwellers and the mystery of forest medicine? In this year's work, the lines between tree/plant spirit and land spirit will start to blur.

The plants are calling out to us, to come to know them, to accept their friendship and unique medicine for our times. Will you come to apprentice to them? Will you sit and listen to them?

This offering is BIG. It is immersive. It is for those select few that are ready. 

Relationships with plant spirit are those that are held dear, and have taken significant amounts of time to develop and are rarely written about in-depth. People who do this work tend to be out of the spotlight, in remote places, in deep relationship with the land. You may be able to study with them, but they cannot reveal the deep secrets of the plant. You must study with the plant for them to be revealed to you.

This is initiatory work that few have done. 

This is an experiential knowing, that is so far beyond our human vocabulary, it cannot be communicated properly to someone who hasn’t apprenticed with the plant themselves. It is a deep knowing of the energy and spirit of this plant being. Many plants demand your attention, intention and respect to reveal the deepest part of themselves and their relationships. They are really no different than we are right? We hold our deep knowings dear too. Revealed only to those we know and trust.

There is an etiquette to working with plant spirit. Each plant is very different to work with and this work requires trusted guides. There will be several guides we work with in developing relationship. 

Why work with plant spirit? 

This is not the same as working with plant medicine, constituent medicine. Working with teas and tinctures for health is usually very far removed from working with plant spirit. You are using a plant, not working with a plant.

When the plants know and trust you, they will do incredible things. One plant will help you to move through a place unnoticed, another helps you find your way home. One offers protection from certain difficult spirits, another plant reveals what is hidden. Plants that can open up our senses and psyche, while we are in relationship with them, can do incredible healing work. This relational work is not about ingesting plants/trees, it requires something more of us.


Thank you for listening!