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Dec 26, 2020

Todays’ episode comes from a webinar Maria taught for the American Herbalists Guild. A huge thanks to the AHG for allowing us to share this audio recording with you here. Please consider joining the AHG and use the discount code SAVE20 to get $20 off membership at

Maria is a clinical herbalist and educator at Wintergreen Botanicals in Allenstown, NH and author of Body into Balance and Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies. Her live-streamed online Home Herbalist Series and Advanced Herbalist Training Program both kick off in January, and many other pre-recorded, at-your-own pace online courses and classes are available through her website

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Class Description

More than half of American adults suffer from acid reflux and heartburn each year, and acid-reducing proton-pump inhibitor drugs are the third most prescribed class of drugs in the nation. Yes these medications do not address the root cause of disease and come with serious long-term side effects. One approach does not fit all! Let’s delve into the different types and causes of acid reflux and heartburn, how herbal and holistic practitioners can assess clients during the intake, and different approaches to addressing heartburn and reflux customized to the client’s patterns including SIBO, low acidity, poor signaling, sphincter issues, and gastric inflammation. We’ll focus primarily on herbal and dietary approaches. We’ll also cover the pros and cons of potential classes of herbs including mucilaginous herbs, vulneraries, astringents, antimicrobials, carminatives, bitters, sours/vinegar, and pungent herbs. Tips for supporting clients as they wean off PPIs will be included. Download the slides at