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Apr 7, 2022

In today's episode, Dr. Kevin Spelman teaches us about the effectiveness of using gummies as an excellent format for absorption. He also chats a bit about the history. 

To learn more about Kevin and all of his amazing work, I highly recommend you check out The Spelman Report at

Huge thanks to Kevin for sharing this presentation with all of us! 

About Kevin:

Dr. Kevin Spelman has dedicated the past three decades to researching, advising and teaching in the natural products realm. He is an avid proponent of education in botanical medicine, having trained physicians in course work, mentored naturopathic students in clinical rotations and medicinal plant research, and he co-founded the first Master of Science program in Clinical Herbal Medicine. Understanding the effect of plant compounds on the molecular pathways of human health has been an important part of Dr. Spelman’s work.

Thanks for listening!