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Sep 21, 2023

Sajah Popham and the School of Evolutionary Herbalism just dropped lesson 2 in their free Vitalist Herbalism Mini-course!

It's called The Holistic Intake Roadmap. 


It's an an hour and thirteen minutes and is jam-packed with all sorts of tidbits for the herbalist, especially if you're looking into seeing clients. 

Sajah teaches us his three frameworks for how he does a holistic client intake and interview. 

This includes: 

The 5 layers of communication that you need to have when talking to clients

The 5 internal states you must have yourself (comes with a PDF as well)

Learn what the acronym OPQRST stands for. *hint, this was a huge turning point for Sajah's own client intakes (also a part that I found really fascinating). 

Sajah is a wonderful teacher, I've had the pleasure of taking classes with him at various conferences over the years and always come away inspired! 

If you're considering taking on clients as an herbalist, lesson 2 is a must! 

Also, if you missed lesson 1, "Allopathic vs. Vitalist Herbalism" CLICK HERE

These lessons are only available for a limited time! 

Lesson 3 will be released next week :)