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Jul 30, 2022

It's been a minute...time for some updates! 

Guessing you want to know about the giveaway first though. Here's the deets...

(In order to enter to win, you must leave a comment on the actual YouTube video. CLICK HERE to watch. It's got some fun editing by Amanda, so it's more fun to watch anyway)

PRIZE: Two reference books written by Bella Donna, a hat and a shirt (more details about the prize are in the video)

HOW TO ENTER: Simply leave a comment on this video letting us know what your FAVORITE part about HerbRally is. Is it the podcast? Is it our YouTube channel? Is it Schoolhouse, the Art of Frugal Nutrition or our events listings? Monographs? Something else? 

Simply leave a comment letting us know what part of HerbRally you use most often or is your favorite. We'd love to know! 

We'll select ONE winner at random from the comments, on August 12. 

If it's not HerbRally responding to you, then it's a scam. We'll let you know in the comments if you won, then we'll get your info that way so we can ship it out to you (if you're the lucky winner). 

Huge thanks to Bella Donna for providing these books! Learn more about her at 



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