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Jun 16, 2020

In this replay of the HerbRally Podcast you’ll hear from community herbalist and urban farmer Brandon Ruiz. He tells us all about his work with the Charlotte Herbal Accessibility Project that he created in 2018. This project aims to educate communities in Charlotte, NC about the benefits, practical uses, and history of herbal medicine. Enjoy!

Learn more about the project:

Brandon Ruiz is a Holistic Herbalist, Permaculture Designer and Plant-Based Nutritionist who lives in Charlotte, NC. He specializes in studying and working with plant medicines from his native Puerto Rico and surrounding islands, and the Appalachian region; this Appalachia + Island fusion is showcased through his company, Atabey Choreto Medicinals. He also is the Director and Founder of the Charlotte Herbal Accessibility Project, a project in Charlotte that aims to provide equal and affordable access to herbal medicine in its entirety, from seed to tincture.

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