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Apr 21, 2020

Want to learn more about mushrooms? The Herbal Academy has a brand new course that delves into the fascinating world of fungi!

In the Mushroom Course, you will learn:

  • Folklore + Science

  • Foraging + Identification

  • Wellness + Use

Today in this replay, join the Herbal Academy’s own Heather Irvine for a deep dive on lion’s mane.

Also, we'll get to hear a fun herbal song from Kyle with Tippecanoe Herbs as he sings about oh little lion's mane.  Be sure to follow him on Instagram @tippecanoe_herbs

Here's the lyrics to the song! 

Saw you lying in the arms of a hardwood
my oh my got you on my brain.
You're sure a prize, for the eyes
Oh little lion's mane, 
Oh little lion's mane

And you gotta lotta nerve
coming here easing all my pain.
You're still mending, all my loose endings
Oh little lion's mane
Oh little lion's mane

Lion's mane, 
Lion's Mane I found
but you're up there
And I'm down here on the ground.

Thanks to Heather and Kyle for always sharing their talents with us!

And thanks to y'all for listening!


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