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Jan 24, 2019

Registration ends this Friday!

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Here’s an eight minute clip of the first class in the Natural Cardio Care online course with Guido Masé.

In this new 6-week online BotanicWise course, Natural Cardio Care: An Herbalist’s Perspective, Guido will guide us through the various components of self-evaluation for better cardiovascular health. 

Guido has a talent for explaining complicated subjects in an interesting and understandable manner. He creates a bridge between the scientific community and the public, feeding both groups with practical information that can be used personally in the home, or with clients in a clinic.

Natural Cardio Care is designed to empower both individuals dealing with cardiovascular issues AND clinicians wanting to broaden their therapeutic options for clients.

Each week, in addition to core classes taught by Guido, a special guest speaker will be featured, sharing a unique perspective on how we can support our cardiovascular system naturally.

Joining the guest list is Christopher Hobbs, Kerry Smith, Tammi Sweet, Deb Soule and Kat Maier.

This course features live classes, with the option to watch replays until August 2019. Best of all you will walk away with your own customized natural heart care program that you will create through self-evaluations. If you are a practitioner these methods can be used to work with your clients.

Full disclosure: a portion of the proceeds from this class benefits my work and BotanicWise, an organization providing plant wisdom, connecting like-minded people and building a community to steward land, medicinal plants and supportive relationships with each other. I've taken plenty of classes with Guido at this point (along with some of the other speakers) and highly recommend this class. 

Find course details and schedule here.

Don't forget to use the coupon code HERBRALLY to receive $20 off!

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