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Aug 16, 2019

Today on the podcast, herbalist Lindsay Kolasa talks about mental health and her journey with mental health, gut health, supportive herbs, and more.

Lindsay Kolasa is a Community Herbalist, Traditional Food Ways Educator, Soul-worker, and Yoga Teacher with a background in print journalism, non-profit management and social service work. She was called to her path by a major health crisis in 2001 which required of her to embark on a healing journey. Her work and her teachings are a distillation of what she has learned along the way.

Visit Lindsay online: Madhupa Maypop

This episode is brought to you by the Breitenbush Herbal Conference.

This event is one of the nation’s longest running herbal conference and is an annual gathering for herbalists and healers of all kinds.

The next event will take place on September 5 – September 8, 2019 at the Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon. It’s a couple hours drive from Portland and Eugene, or an hour and half east of Salem.

People come from all corners to celebrate and learn from some of the most inspiring teachers in our herbal community.

This years speakers include Autumn Summers, Erika Galentin, Glen Nagel, Heather Irvine, Howie Brounstein, Julie James, Lara Pacheco, Missy Rohs, Nicole Telkes, Steven Yeager and Thomas Easley.

The healing waters and ancient forests of Breitenbush provide an unforgettable setting for this gathering.

Workshops, demonstrations and herb walks appeal to all levels of students. Fine handmade goods and books will be available in the Herbal Marketplace.

The Breitenbush Herbal Conference is so much more than just a "conference". It's a personal healing retreat for your body and mind.


Breitenbush Herbal Conference