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Dec 17, 2019

In this episode Selena Rowan shares a speech she gave to the 2nd Annual Mendocino County Herb Guild Harvest Dinner. In this talk she intimately describes how the practice of herbal medicine can guide rural communities on a collaborative path toward cultivating community resilience, especially in the face of natural disasters such as the massive and destructive fires that have repeatedly swept Mendocino County in recent years.  This speech supported fundraising for the creation of a mobile apothecary, which will help the guild achieve their goal of increasing access to herbal medicine in the county.

Learn more about the Mendocino County Herb Guild at and on their facebook page.

More information about Selena’s work can be found at or by following her on facebook or @ninewyrdsisters on Instagram.

Introductory poem and excerpt from Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown – learn more at

Beautiful background music is “Lunassa” by Aislinn.

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