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Jan 31, 2018

If there was nothing to fix, cure or save…what would your relationship with plants look/feel like?   

There are many approaches to the pathway of herbal practice. Today, we will explore an earth-centered approach to the intersection of plants, people and place. If we are to begin at the beginning, coming to understand the land upon which we live, the plants that have chosen this place as home and humans place in it is a place to start. Seeing place as source is to set out upon a life of discovery.  

As you settle into place by developing relationships with the plants around you, you’ll begin sensing a vibration or resonance with place. When committed, on a daily basis, to bringing plants into your body that you have gathered, your awareness begins to extend into place.   

Light takes on a whole new quality. You begin to see and feel how water affects all life around you. The moist fire of creation begins to make sense and a sense of connection begins developing. Tiny, invisible threads, mycelium-like in nature, begin weaving you into a web of creation. The Language of the Land starts taking root within your very being.   

Health, wholeness, holiness becomes a way of life wherever you are. Tending the invisible, the hidden half of nature is a generative path. Join me on the dark side, where you’ll learn how plants turn sunlight into cookies and how minerals, plants and animals depend on this fantastic bubbling cauldron going on all the time to succeed. 

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