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Dec 30, 2021

Stress Less with Herbs, Meditation and Yoga ~ A Half Day At-Home Retreat

Brought to you by Cedar Mountain Herb School

January 15, 2022 - ONLINE EVENT


Stress and anxiety are normal reactions to life transitions, covid uncertainty, scary diagnoses, financial issues, fears known and unknown, social media pressures, etc. We can get overwhelmed and unsure of how to decompress.

Suzanne and Sita are here to unpack a wide variety of herbs, meditation, yoga, tricks and tips to make the journey more peaceful.

Nature provides a plethora of herbs for emotional health and repair. Be a part of the discussion as Suzanne reveals herbs and life hacks to soothe and heal the nervous system. Gain relief from insomnia, anxiety, fear and their physical manifestations!

Experience the calming, grounding and peaceful effects of meditation, guided visualization, affirmations and yoga postures. Sita will bring her years of meditation and yoga experience to guide you through these calming practices during the retreat.

No meditation or yoga experience expected or required! Suzanne and Sita make the info easy for everyone to understand.

Get ready to get grounded, relaxed and gain a better understanding of how to be more calm and centered when things and people around you are not.