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Jun 29, 2019

In this episode, you’ll hear from Lupo Passero, herbalist, educator, and flower essence practitioner with Twin Star Herbal, who is talking with Brooke from The Wild Temple about their upcoming Journey to Avalon Retreat in England.

Please note the updated dates for this event: July 24 - July 30 2019

There is a time in our lives when the best form of self care comes from the magic and mystery of immersing in a land far away. To not just unplug, but to be guided to the sacred, and held in a space that opens the secret places of the mysteries of our Earth and of ourselves. Perhaps it is YOUR time. Are you ready to visit the land of ancient Avalon? To walk the paths of the mystics, connect with the magic of the elements and retreat into the beautiful countryside that will replenish your innate spark? Is it time for a Soul Journey? If so, we are here for you. Brooke and Lupo, two teachers of herbal schools on the East & West coasts are gathering an intimate group for an incredible journey.

Twin Star Tribe and The Wild Temple are excited to share with you the birthplace of Dr. Edward Bach and to explore these ancient lands of magic and gentle mysticism, quite a nurturing seat of Soul to be found on the planet.

This trip is perfect for all levels of herbal experience; whether you are a beginner, the “budding” herbalist or if you’re an experienced herbalist or Flower Essence Practitioner and would like a deeper understanding of sacred plant medicine. Each day will include time with our herbal allies, interaction with the local plants and time for exploring the rich history of this sacred land. At the end of this tour, each participant will be awarded a Level One certification as a Bach Flower Essence practitioner from Dr. Edward Bach's original center for Flower Essences in Mt. Vernon UK as well as a Certificate of Completion from Twin Star and The Wild Temple to commemorate what we have discovered and learned on this trip.

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