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Jul 8, 2020

Listen in on a class given by herbalist Suzanne Tabert at the 2018 NorthWest Herb Symposium. In Healing from Chronic Inflammation, you’ll learn causes of inflammation, acute vs. chronic inflammation, and what you can do to support healing. Explore herbs that relieve inflammation and get to know the plant constituents and how they work in the body. Suzanne’s warm teaching style and charming stories are not to be missed!

Visit HerbRally here to download accompanying PDF.

For more from Suzanne Tabert, visit her at Cedar Mountain Herb School. Here are just a few of the upcoming workshops:

Suzanne Tabert is a bio-regional herbalist, wildcrafter, founder and director of herbal education at the Cedar Mountain Herb School, teaching from a lifetime of personal and academic studies of plants and their environments. She is a member of the American Herbalists Guild, the American Herb Association, and is practicum supervisor and adjunct faculty at Bastyr University. She has been teaching herbal medicine for 30 years, with plans to continue throughout her lifetime.

To stay informed on the 6th Annual NorthWest Herb Symposium, visit Located at the Camp Casey Conference Center in Coupeville, Washington, teachers will include Eaglesong Gardener, Ryan Drum, Denise Joy, Netta Zeberoff and more!

For many more great recordings like you’ve heard today, visit Tree Farm Communications where you’ll find quality audio of lectures, workshops, and conferences on topics like herbalism, integrative health, nutrition and more!

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