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Sep 30, 2020

Today we’ll hear from Brighid Doherty of The Solidago School of Herbalism on her upcoming online course, Nourish Yourself. This course teaches you how to incorporate common herbs, in simple ways, into daily life. Brighid inspires people to be more self-reliant in their health and healing process, and she teaches the home herbalist how to bring herbal medicine into their lives by relating to plants in their bodies, kitchens, gardens, and the wild.

The next course starts October 6th and runs through mid-December.

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Brighid Doherty is an herbalist honoring the Wise Woman Tradition. She resides on Deer Isle, a bridged-island in Downeast Maine. Brighid is a passionate herbal health educator and a professional gardener. She is the founder of The Solidago School of Herbalism. Brighid began her connection with herbs while playing in her mother’s gardens as a child, their scents and beauty attracting her curiosity. For the past two decades, Brighid has worked with medicinal plants in a variety of ways; as a student and a teacher, a gardener and a forager, a medicine maker and health consultant. She received a BA focused in Organic Agriculture and Herbal Medicine from Evergreen State College. She has had many wonderful herbalist mentors including Susun Weed, Rosemary Gladstar, Katja Swift, and KP Khalsa. She teaches a variety of workshops for the home herbalist, including medicinal plant walks, herbal spas, an Herbs for Health series, and hands-on medicine making. Brighid also offers an online course, called Nourish Yourself.

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