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Oct 23, 2017

Today's episode we'll hear from Rachel Burgos of Snakeroot Apothecary. She's interviewed by her good friend and fellow magic maker Mary Evans, of Spirit Speak Tarot.

Here's some questions that are asked: 

  • When did Rachel first become interested in herbalism? 
  • How does living in the desert effect Rachel's herbal medicine practice? 
  • What are flower essences? 
  • What are Rachel's opinions on wildcrafting? 
  • How does herbalism aid in being an activist? 
  • And many more... 

This is a super fun interview and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! 

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"My strongest education with plants began in Big Sur, California. Living on an isolated mountain above the fog line I began to listen. I connected deeply with manzanita and madrone. Suddenly I was relearning and remembering how to communicate with and learn from animals, plants, rocks and other elements of the earth.

Today I am walking my path and purpose as a clinical herbalist. I am currently living in the small desert town of Joshua Tree, California. I want to respectfully acknowledge that this land is occupied native Cahuilla land." - Rachel Burgos