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Jan 17, 2023

The Nurtured Herbal Practitioner: 5 day retreat to rest, reflect, and rekindle your clinical journey | Sovereignty Herbs

Where: The United Plant Savers 370-acre Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary sits in the Appalachian Foothills of Southeastern Ohio.

When: April 23-28 2023


"At Sovereignty Herbs we believe the world needs more clinical herbalists who are thriving in their practices and that collaboration and community can lift us up to rise together in our profession.

Whether you are a student of clinical herbalism transitioning into becoming a practitioner or a seasoned clinical herbalist with years of practice experience, we invite you to join us April 23-28 for The Nurtured Herbal Practitioner Retreat.

Come rest, reflect, and rekindle yourself in community with other clinical herbalism practitioners at the stunning United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary during Appalachia’s peak woodland medicinal herb and wildflower season.

During this 5-day retreat, participants will enjoy core workshops taught by experts in clinical herbalism and entrepreneurship as well as facilitated roundtable buzz sessions unpacking complex topics such as navigating burnout, maintaining core values in business practices, and facing fears within our clinical careers.

There will also be ample opportunity for deep rest and connection through guided medicinal plants hikes, joy-building activities and revelries, and free time to explore the Sanctuary, swim in heart pond, or read in the Jim Duke library at the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation.

Reconnect by coming together in community for social and professional support.

Rekindle your passion by Illuminating new perspectives about an embodied approach to entrepreneurship and clinical practice.

Rest by claiming space away from the daily grind of zoom calls, client emails, and digital marketing demands.

Reestablish relationship to the natural world and the plants as your source of inspiration and purpose."