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Jan 29, 2019

In today’s episode, Xochitlcoatl Bellx will tell us all about Seed, Root + Bloom, a hood community honoring
​earth's sacred offerings and ancestral wisdom.

We invite you to come to the medicine of the plantitas, the medicine of the ancient ones, the medicine of the brujas whose tongues are still resisting:

**distance + in-person**
bipoc centered + only space: RITES OF PASSAGE
a 9 month journey to your ancestors + plant medicine in a bipoc centered, guided + remembering space. we remember our ancestors through an african spirituality, tantric yoga + mayan understanding of the chakras (energy centers). we come to build sacred and lifelong partnerships with plants + spirits

all beings wishing to connect with plants: PLANT ANCESTOR
our ancestors have taught us that we are beings of rhythms + ritual. each moon cycle we open new gateways of being as we invite plant ancestor into our healing practice. each new moon you will receive a digital copy of our plant ancestor work book blessed with a combination of materia medica (an overview of the physical, spiritual, energetic ways to work with each plant), recipes, stories, songs, meditations, original art + moon calendar.

for more on this visit


for millennia, Black, Indigenous, and racially oppressed communities [bipoc] have simultaneously been enslaved and exploited by people of Western lineages, while our traditions and medicines have been taken and appropriated. We call on you to do better. we call  you to commit to a path of reparations. distribute your wealth, your resources, your political voice for our collective healing. white comrades to decolonize yourselves, to secure a healthier future for your seeds you must commit to living in resistance with indigenous, black, asian, people of color + the diaspora. fund bipoc healing today: 

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Breitenbush Herbal Conference