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Feb 20, 2018

Hypertensive and cholesterol-lowering drugs are big business. Are they the best choice for a healthy heart? Probably not, given that there is an enormous range of herbal and food remedies that lower blood pressure far better, and faster, than drugs. Probably not, given that cholesterol has been demonized and drugs that affect it also interfere with muscle functioning. Instead, let's explore all the tasty, easy, effective herbal and life-style ways to keep our numbers--and our hearts--healthy.

This class was recorded at the 2017 NorthWest Herb Symposium. For more information on this fabulous event, just head to


New courses from Susun! 

Happy Knees
Welcome to those seeking happy knees and green blessings to you from Susun Weed! This is a course for those with sore, cranky knees and other joints whether from Lyme disease, trauma, osteo-arthritis (lack of cartilage between bones), or rheumatoid arthritis. 


Adaptogens: Herbs for Energy, Longevity, and Optimum Health
Feeling stressed? Need more energy? Susun Weed leads us on a journey around the globe, sharing and enlightening us in a series of more than 60 easy-to-digest hands-on video lessons on the benefits of embracing Adaptogenic foods and herbs. Includes an action plan to help you creating lasting habits to promote health and well-being simply and joyfully. You will find this course to be interesting, informative, and easy to assimilate.