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Jan 11, 2021


As herbs have become increasingly popular, the true heart of herbal medicine is at risk...

Today there’s a lot of emphasis on what herbs are “good for.” Take turmeric for inflammation! Dandelion root for the liver!

But when we reduce plants to a simple equation of “take xyz herb for xyz problem,” the soul of herbal medicine is erased.

Herbalism isn't about throwing back dropperfuls of a tincture. It's about transforming your life by becoming deeply rooted in the natural world, its seasonal rhythms, and your place within it.

That’s why we’re excited to share Rooted Medicine Circle, a new course from my friends Rosalee de la Forêt and Emily Han. (You might know them as the best-selling authors of Wild Remedies and Alchemy of Herbs.)

Rooted Medicine Circle guides you in how to make powerful herbal medicines while also strengthening your relationship with nature.

Instead of buying supplements off the shelf, you’ll be working directly with the plants to create herbal medicines uniquely suited to your preferences.

As you learn core medicine making skills, you’ll fill your home apothecary with effective remedies and nourishing foods, like locally sourced bitters for digestion; salves and ointments to nourish your skin; and potent tinctures, teas, syrups, and more.

Rooted Medicine Circle opens just once a year, and it’s now open for enrollment.

Check it out here. 

On the Rooted Medicine Circle enrollment page, Rosalee and Emily also included an extensive sample from the course! It’s a tutorial on making teas and decoctions and includes a reference chart to show you how to make teas with over 100 common plants. Even if this course isn’t right for you right now, you’ll get a lot out of this sample lesson!

Click here to check out the course and get your sample lesson.