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Mar 5, 2021

“I wanted to know, how did women have 13 children?.. How did people take care of their children when they fell down and broke their arms way back in the Middle Ages? People have had these things going on ever since the beginning of time and they’ve dealt with it. They’ve figured how they could use plants in different ways to make life easier and better and they could become more resilient.”

Today we listen in on a class given by EagleSong Gardener at the 2018 Northwest Herb Symposium. She discusses everything from plant allies oatstraw and calendula to the questions that have driven her in lifelong learning.

To stay informed on the 6th Annual NorthWest Herb Symposium, visit Located at the Camp Casey Conference Center in Coupeville, Washington, teachers will include EagleSong Gardener, Ryan Drum, Denise Joy, Netta Zeberoff and more!

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