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Feb 20, 2021

Setting up a clinical practice is daunting and requires direction, support, and confidence. When first starting out in clinical practice, there are many factors to consider; from herbalism and the law, overheads, clinical skills, forms, and policies, to preparing your own extracts, formulating for clients, and managing your dispensary.

Join Erika Galentin MNIMH, RH (AHG) and Brooke Sackenheim of Sovereignty Herbs for an exploration of the many facets of modern clinical herbal practice and details that you might want to consider in setting up your own herbal clinic including:

Why having good clinical forms is the cornerstone of a solid clinical practice and what types of forms you should have ready to go.

The importance of considering 'the business' of clinical practice including consultation options and setting fees, professional and liability insurance, the free clinical model, and accounting.

Professional practicalities and ethical considerations including Scope of Practice, Herbalism & the law, Privacy and Confidentiality, & Non-discrimination policies.

Marketing considerations including being familiar with what you can and cannot say in print, on your website, to the media, and on social media and how this helps to build a trustworthy brand.

What you need to be thinking about in regards to getting herbs and supplements to your clients including managing a clean and compliant dispensary.

Erika and Brooke also cover information about Sovereignty Herbs' new program, Spring into Herbal Practice: An Online Intensive for Landing the Leap from Student to Practitioner, as well as opportunities for formal mentorship with Erika Galentin.

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