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Jun 17, 2019

In today’s episode we’ll hear from herbalist Lara Pacheco as she gives us a rundown on the classes she’ll be teaching at the upcoming Breitenbush Herbal Conference.


Vital Force, Chi, Yaya Guaturey, Hu, Ool; the many names of animating energy.

Description - There are many traditions that recognize the force that gives rise to breath and movement.  Lara Pacheco will share the Taino perspective along with similar yet different patterns in other healing systems.  She will also share plant allies that she specifically calls in when specifically working with this powerful, ubiquitous force of energy.

Plant Allies Here and There; Achiano + Guanajo and the Element of Fire

The beckoning cry of our ancestors has called us into this place of healing. In Boríken (Puerto Rico) our colonizer told us that the Taíno ways had been destroyed. And yet, here they are guiding the work to illuminate consciousness. This class will focus on the the unearthing of the many shackles of colonialism, and explore the journey of reconnecting with  indigenous ways of knowing. We will spend our class time on sitting with the season of Summer and drawing from the Caribbean ancestors through plants, elements, food and animal guides. We will also discuss plants cultivated and native of the PNW, and how I've incorporated these into my practice to honor ancestors of this land and to connect to place.

Lara Pacheco is a Latinx mamita, clinical herbalist and community organizer who runs Seed and Thistle Apothecary. Seed and Thistle is a herbal company that provides educational programs for youth and adults, health consultations and a monthly herbal CSH through home and heart grown medicine.  Lara also runs a full year apprenticeship program and is starting a pop up clinic, called the Seasonal Wellness Clinic, to address access to plant medicine and bodywork to her community in Cully of Portland, OR.  When not working with the plants, Lara loves playing music, and spending time outdoors with her friends and family.

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Breitenbush Herbal Conference