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Aug 31, 2022

In today's episode, I cover some of the highlights from our latest email newsletter. 

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1) If you're an herbalist and looking to up your marketing savvy, check out this course brought to you by our good friends at Sovereignty Herbs.

It's called "Marketing as Gardening". 

I highly trust Erika and Brooke. So if you're looking to up your marketing game as an herbalist, who better to learn this from than an herbalist


2) 1 million podcast downloads

I just wanted to really quickly say that the HerbRally podcast just reached a MIND-BOGGLING stat.

HerbRally now has over ONE MILLION podcast downloads. 

The podcast is over 5 years old now. I never really thought of hitting a milestone like that. 

All I thought about was releasing new episodes, with lots of different teachers and lots of different subject matters. 

Thanks to all of the podcast listeners! It makes me so so so happy knowing that y'all are diggin' the show as much as I enjoy producing it. 

3) The Herbalist Certificate Program sale is almost over! 

You can save $300 if you register for this program before September 1, 2022! 

This program offers over 430 hours of curriculum. It can be taken either online or in-person in Montana (or both).

It's brought to you by the good folks over at the Green Path Herb School.


4) Free mini-course

Corinna Wood created a free mini-course called "Wise Woman Path in your Autumn Years".


5) Online herbal consultations - DISCOUNT

Herbalist April Coburn is offering 20% off on her online herbal consultations throughout the month of September. 

To learn more about April and to potentially book a consultation, CLICK HERE.

And last but not least...

6) Back to school sale from the Herbal Academy

The Herbal Academy's back to school sale is still goin' on! 

CLICK HERE to learn about all of the incredible discounts on their courses.