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Oct 27, 2017

Listen in as Aline Potvin talks about her apprenticeship in Biddeford, ME. 

Foundational Herbalism is a 10 month Herbal Apprenticeship that will meet one Saturday a month from February to November 2018. The dates are as follows: 02/10, 03/10, 04/07, 05/19, 06/09, 07/14, 08/11, 09/08, 10/13, 11/17. Enrollment begins September 2, 2017 and concludes January 31, 2018. 

Become fluent in foundational herbal definitions, terms, and ID strategies: While this isn't a in-depth botany class, we will be covering basic plant structure and ID cues.  Herbal definitions and terms will be reinforced throughout the entirety of the class.

Dig into basic materia medica and develop your understanding of the many layers of medicinal plants: While deepermateria medica will be focus of Year 2 (Greater Applications), as we explore different herbal preps, we will cover the layers of herbs we work with. Students will be expected to conduct self study on the 2 herbs they will be doing greater in-depth projects for. We'll dig into the scientific, energetic, and esoteric lore of the herbs we encounter.

And so much more...


"15 years since I started on my own plant medicine journey, I'm in awe of the model the natural world provides us to become more "whole" humans. You can't ignore relationships in the natural world. Everything and everyone is connected. I often see people approach their herbalism studies with the intention of treating others. It's a noble plan. But I can say that knowing myself well and honoring self-care has been the key to my ability to work with others. That's why self-care and relationship is the essence of my Foundational Herbalism Apprenticeship. This apprenticeship is a very full, experiential 10 months." - Aline Potvin